Are you self employed and feel like there is no where to turn for home equity loans to help stimulate your business?

The new year is here, full of promise and excitement. However, 2021 has not shaken the financial problems of its predecessor. As many small businesses struggle to get the home equity loans that they need to keep their doors open, many banks and large loan services are making the process very difficult. However, at Independent Home Finance, Inc, we strive to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. Regardless of poor credit scores and low income, we will make your loan our top priority.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused changes in the loan process and is requiring more documentation with those who are self-employed being hit the hardest. With Independent Home Finance, Inc, if you have more than 40% equity in your home or investment property, our Private Investors can assist you in pulling out cash to support any business opportunity or venture to get you back on your feet. So if you are a self-employed individual with more than 40% equity in your home, don’t delay in contacting Independent Home Finance, Inc today. We strive to help you attain funding even with credit or income issues. We at Independent Home Finance, Inc offer a free quote assessment through our website and provide consultation with no obligation, hassle, or release of your private information. With this 30 second form, you can get the answers you need now for the business plans of tomorrow.