Bad Credit Home Equity Loans

For those struggling with bad credit, there are options to utilize the equity of your home or investment property to get access to the funds you need through Private Investors.

The Benefits of Private Investors

  • Private investors typically can work past bad credit issues with letters of explanation and equity positions less than 60% of the home value. Instead of being held back by poor credit or other creditworthiness issues, you can move forward without the stipulations of other types of loans.

  • This option also allows you to borrow against the home’s equity without having to pay off the current mortgage.

Other Benefits of Bad Credit Home Equity Loans

  • An additional plus of a Bad Credit Home Equity loan is the ability to state your income. This helps dramatically reduce the amount of documentation required to move forward with the loan process and allows for you to have access to the funds you need more easily.

What can I use a Bad Credit Home Equity Loan for?

  • When utilizing a Bad Credit Home Equity Loan, you can not only assist your financial situation, you can also use the funds to start the business you have always wanted, jump start a previous business, or invest in real estate properties to help establish wealth.

Are you ready to move forward with a Bad Credit Home Equity Loan? 

Paperwork is minimal and typically the only major items needed to get started are an appraisal and clear title report. A clear title report is ordered to confirm the home’s value and to ensure no other liens are present which might inhibit the process. With an exception, we might be able to pay off any additional liens however, this is on a case-by-case basis.

Give us a call at 888-315-7784 or fill out the quick quote to the right so that we can advise the best option for your financial scenario. If a Bad Credit Equity Home Equity Loan is not something that would work for you, please contact us so that we can help develop a plan of action to get you back on track.